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Maintenance Program

No one wants to think about their septic backing up into their home, but when it happens customers want to make sure it doesn’t happen again.  The best way to avoid this is with a regular check up schedule provided by a professional who knows what to look for so that problems can be avoided.  Regular check-ups not only keep your system running well, but allows your waste water professional to become familiar with your system.

Septic Program – 3 year contract


  • Complete record keeping of system
  • Bi-Annual inspection
  • Complete pumping and cleaning every 36 months
  • Inspection forms completed for property transfer
  • On-site diagnosis of problems
  • Additional pumping if needed $100 PLUS disposal fee
  • 10% of any necessary repairs


  • Blockage in lines
  • Implied warranty of existing materials
  • Damage from back up