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Residential Pumping

Southwick Liquid Waste provides complete residential pumping services.  All septic systems need to be pumped regularly to help maintain the overall system.  The recommended industry standard for septic tank pumping is every 3-5 years based on activity level.  The more people you have living in your home the more frequently you need to have it pumped.  More people equates to more solid waste being produced in the house….therefore, the need to pump the tank more frequently.  For families of four or more it is recommended every 3 years.  For just a couple of people is recommended every 5 years.IMG_1735

If you’ll notice the diagram to the right, all the wastewater in the house leads to the tank and then drains from the tank to the lateral field.  The septic tank acts as a trap to stop all the solid materials from reaching the laterals.  This helps the lateral field stay fresh and remain unclogged so it can act like a natural sponge constantly absorbing the wastewater that comes out of the house.

If septic tanks remain unpumped for too many years, those solids start seeping out to the lateral field and can clog it up and reduce the life of the lateral field.  There’s no way to fix this other than replacing the lateral field.  So, staying on top of septic pumping is the key!

We can pump residential septic tanks virtually all year round.  The only thing that keeps us from pumping is Mother Nature and being able to gain access to the tank.  If the weather is too wet or too snowy, our trucks many times cannot reach tanks due to their location.  Also, extremely cold temperatures keep us parked as well.  But for the most part, as long as severe weather doesn’t interfere, we can help you get your residential tank pumped!