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TOILET “injuries”

Posted by admin on Feb 1, 2023

I know I have written much over the years about toilet paper and the problems it causes people with their septic system.  Today, I’d like to elaborate a bit on that — it’s kind of amazing what can get flushed down a toilet! When I was teaching...

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Posted by admin on Dec 9, 2022

As I have written several times in this blog, one the best things you can do for your septic system is pump it regularly.  And every time I discuss the subject of septic pumping, my brain always thinks about one of my favorite SNL skits with Hans and...

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Planning for Installation (or Repairs!)

Posted by admin on Dec 2, 2022

Winter is upon us and if you live in Nebraska you’re aware of how the seasons do change!  I grew up in Kansas and thought our winters got plenty cold, but then I moved to the Lincoln area and wow….just a tad bit colder! (I might also note, I think...

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