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Welcome to Southwick Liquid Waste. The professionals at Southwick Liquid Waste have been committed to providing only the highest quality septic tank pumping, installation and repair to residential and commercial customers throughout Lincoln, nebraska and surrounding communities.

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PERCOLATION TESTS — What are they? And why they matter!

Posted by admin on Jul 27, 2022

If you’re building in the country, something you might not know is when build a new house you also have  to install a wastewater system – or a place for all your wastewater to go.  In town, there is plumbing and city sewers to take care of all that, but if you build...

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TOILET PAPER – why cheaper is better

Posted by admin on Jul 7, 2022

Given the nature of my business, I “get” to talk about poo and toilet paper almost daily.  How lucky am I?Believe it or not, toilet paper causes most of the issues people have when dealing with septic back-ups.  Now hopefully, we won’t have...

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Posted by admin on Jun 23, 2022

You and your spouse just bought some land.  Both of you are so excited about building and looking at floor plans.  You are looking at different flooring and bathroom tiles, while your husband is dreaming about his new shop/outbuilding with built in...

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