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Planning for Installation (or Repairs!)

Winter is upon us and if you live in Nebraska you’re aware of how the seasons do change!  I grew up in Kansas and thought our winters got plenty cold, but then I moved to the Lincoln area and wow….just a tad bit colder! (I might also note, I think I’m as far north as I ever want to really live — God bless those who do!  Hardy people you are!  My hats off to you!)

But what does this matter and why would I have a blog post about it?

Well, if you’ve read anything I have posted over the last seven or eight years you might have picked up on the fact that the weather actually determines a lot of the work we get to do.  If it is rainy and the soil is wet we can’t dig or sometimes pump because the ground is too soft.  If it is cold and the ground is frozen we also can’t dig.  We always need the ground to work with us as we dig and do our install work.  So, unless we get an abnormally warm winter, we do not do much for installation work past November.

How does that effect you?

If you’re needing installation or repair work, this is something we need to know about and have on our list to plan for as soon as possible.  We take a lot of work every year and unfortunately we can’t always get to it all because of our dear friend, Mother Nature.  Not to mention we also deal with “emergency situations.”  For instance, people have had some crazy things happen to their tanks, or lines (due to age mainly) and every once in a while things just break on them — but if they aren’t fixed in a pretty short time, they can’t use their necessary facilities.  So, between the weather and emergency work, beating the winter season is always an issue.  

We do our best to get to people as quickly as we can.  We try to plan as much as possible given the unknown factors of weather and emergencies – but there are weeks (and sometimes months) that Mother Nature really gives us fits!  I will tell you, prior to helping my husband answer the phone I was just a school teacher who got to work and schedule her life no matter what the weather did!  Having an indoor job is nice that way! Not so with construction!

I have had people calling me in October or even the first part of November wanting installation work done before winter — that’s typically not enough lead time given there are many seasons when the ground freezes before Thanksgiving!  And, we usually are still getting through our list even at that time in the year.  

So, if you are planning an install job, please call us as soon as you can so we can get you on our list!

That’s all for now!