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A Day in the Life of the Pumping Business

Now, I’m sure many of you are just dying to know the kind of life a Pumper’s Wife leads.  Let me tell you, it is beyond glamorous!  Jennifer Aniston doesn’t have ANYTHING on me.

I am sure Jen doesn’t get to talk with people in the wee hours of the morning about backed up septic in their house, or clean her husband’s clothes after a long day in the bottom of a grain elevator (and then clean out her washing machine before using it again).  No…poor Jen, her life isn’t nearly as exciting as mine.  The girl is really missing out.

All joking aside though, our day isn’t much different (or more smelly) than yours.

A typical day for this septic-business-family is to first get the kids off to school.  Mr. Wonderful starts his pumping route and comes home at the end of the day.  I answer the phone for customers, do office work and pick up kids when school is out.  Stop me when it gets too glamorous for you….  “Excitement” happens when someone calls with backed up septic in their house or we have a truck break down.  All-in-all pretty ordinary as far as days go.

But what about all the poop and smells, you ask?  Most people think everything we do is completely disgusting, but really, it isn’t that bad.  Many customers are of the mindset that their septic tank is full of raw sewage and the fact that we touch it all day long is just gross.  Here’s the thing, MOST of it is water from their dishwasher, washing machine, shower, and bathwater.  Yes, there are garbage disposal remnants and of course poo, but more of it is waste WATER. Therefore, when Mr. Wonderful comes home at the end of the day he isn’t stinky…well, aside from his sweaty male musk aroma.   I am a neat freak, so he is required to drop his drawers at the door and shower before he does much else, but most of what his clothes are dirty with is just that….dirt.

So there you have it, valuable information about the contents of a septic tank that you might not give a whoop-a-dee-doo about!

What I think most people find amusing is the education and “shows” we are required to attend.  I am a former science teacher and as you may know, teachers have to take continuing education classes to stay licensed.  The same is true for your septic man…and his wife!  Mr. Wonderful and I both have septic inspection licenses as well as installer licenses.  We are required to take yearly courses to keep these licensures.  In fact, once a year in Indianapolis there is a NATIONAL pumper show that has classes along with a trade show exhibiting the latest in tools and technology for the industry.  Yes, you read that correctly…there is a national septic pumper show.  You can’t make this stuff up, folks!

Though it may not be a business for everyone, it suits us and our family.  As I have stated before, I never dreamed I would be in this industry, but I’ll take it!  And I mean that both figuratively and literally!