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So, there’s this stuff called rain…and we have been receiving quite a bit of it.  Maybe you tire from me talking about it, but considering the fact that our business is pretty weather dependent…and by dependent I mean, dependent on it NOT raining….it has affected us in a crazy way.  On our pumping side, we are going like gang busters!!  Lots of rain means lots of pumping!!  On our dirt-work side, we have gotten very little done as the ground is just too wet.  Ugh…the frustrations I feel!!  I hate “to do” lists that never become “to DONE” lists, ya know?

In my completely sarcastic way of thinking, I have conjured up solutions to this whole “too much rain” problem.  Here are my alternative forms of business I think the hubs and I might try our hand at:

Rice Farming

I have two places in my yard that haven’t seemed to dry up since May 2nd.  I’m thinking they would make PERFECT rice paddies.  I know NOTHING about rice – except that I like to eat it – but I figure a girl can learn, right?

Ark Building

Fortunately we live on a bit of a hill, so I think I could get my ark built before anything HUGE came along, but seeing how the rain just keeps coming and coming, I’m wondering if I should start REALLY preparing for it.  We have a paddle boat, but I’m not sure that’s gonna cut it.  The paddle boat probably wouldn’t accommodate much more than just the four of us…no pets, so if I’m going to take any animals (even the two by two kind…) I’m gonna need a bigger boat!  (At least at this point I’m not worrying about any large “jawed” creatures…)

Cruises/Tours of the County

I recently posted on Facebook that we were going to refit our trucks with pontoons and start giving tours of the flooding in our county.  Because of the calls we get DAILY, we know all the “hot spots” and by hot spots I mean flooded areas with septic systems lying underneath!  Who wouldn’t want to see that, right?!  I figure our drivers can turn tour-guides and we’ll be set! “And to your left you’ll see a nicely restored farm house built in the early 1900s….you’ll notice their septic system to the east of the house under two feet of water with no access at this point in time…” A new take on an old concept, right?

Maybe it’s apparent I’m a better science teacher than business whiz.  Oh well!  What are you going to do?  I’m trying to see the humor in this ridiculous weather.  What’s crazy is just two years ago we couldn’t GET it to rain if we wanted it to!  Now, we can’t get it to stop!  Oh the joys of weather!

Where ever you are, I hope you have a good week!  Stay dry my friends.