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Do I need to prep my septic system for winter?

With so many new people living on septic (at least in our area of Lincoln, Nebraska) I get this question a lot — do I need to do anything to prep my septic tank before winter hits?

If you live on an acreage this makes perfect sense to think that along with all the other items you make sure are “winterized” — why not the septic system?

But, on this issue you can relax.  Nothing needs to be done.  The best maintenance you can do for your septic system is just making sure it is pumped every 3-5 years.  As long as you’re staying on top of that, all the rest should be good to go!

Here is just my top “hit” list of other items to be aware of — but not necessarily seasonal issues:

1) Keep tank pumped every 3-5 years

2) Know where your laterals are and stay away from them! Nothing heavier than a lawn mower should ever be on top of the djainfield.  Also, do not build on top of this area either

3) Use cheap, lesser play toilet paper — no adult or baby wet wipes

4) Be mindful of water usage

That’s all folks!  Until next week!