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Based on what I have written about in recent posts, I am guessing you can probably figure out two things about our family and business.  One, we like baseball.  Two, our area has been getting an excessive amount of rain.  (After seeing some video of the flooding in Texas, I can’t complain – I feel so very badly for those folks! We haven’t had near that amount in terms of rain!  My prayers are going out to those people.  Here in Nebraska, we aren’t currently flooded, but we are plenty wet and don’t seem to be drying out any time soon according to the weather reports!)  I saw this on Facebook the other day and almost peed my pants from laughing!


2015-05-24 05.51.26

I keep telling Jason I feel like we need to start building our own ark….either that or take up rice farming, but I digress…


The rain has kept us very busy and though our business doesn’t advertise 24 hour service, there have been many nights and weekends spent working to help people who might be experiencing problems due to the wetness.   Because of all this, the family hasn’t seen much of Dad lately.  It’s just a part of being a business owner….coupled with the nature of our business….coupled with all the weather!  So when our kids were bugging us about having a party Memorial Day weekend to play baseball on our recently established backyard field, I just wasn’t sure it would work.  In our business, just because the calendar says it’s a 3 day holiday weekend, doesn’t always mean our family gets a 3 day holiday weekend.  However, if we were ever going to get a bunch of people together, Memorial Day weekend would be the best possibility.  So, I sent out an invite!  We decided to take a chance on this all working out!  I was happily surprised with several “yes”responses!!  There were still several “maybes” that gave me a little concern about what our overall turn out would be but we moved forward with our plans.  So many of our family members are in high school and college with busy schedules which makes it hard for us to always get the whole gang in one place at one time.  Not only that, but we also have family that lives further away than others so that too can cause issues.  I watched the weather report all week and every time our meteorologist spoke about Memorial Day weekend it was with soggy terms.  Despite this, we still kept our get-together on the books and everyone thought it would still be fun to meet up even if we didn’t play baseball.  (Now, my two boys had other feelings on the matter, to which I told them to take their weather issues up with Mother Nature…not with Mother Kubik).


Just as the meteorologists predicted the weekend came with spotty showers.  Both Saturday and Sunday were cloudy and rainy.  Things weren’t looking good for a Monday baseball game weather-wise.  Our list of “attendees” still wasn’t secured but I knew about 15 people were coming for sure and there was a good chance we’d get at least 5 more.  If the weather did clear up, we had enough for a baseball game, but realistically I was planning for people to be indoors.


Then Monday came….with sun!!  It looked like we MIGHT get a little something late in the afternoon/evening, but it wasn’t a huge possibility.  Not only that, but as I was preparing for the festivities, I got a call that more people were going to be able to make it!  Add six more to the list!


Needless to say, we had a great turn-out, great weather, and a great time!  What looked to be a total disappointment in both weather and scheduling conflicts ended up being perfect for both.  The clouds literally parted for an awesome baseball game!  Of course, my boys were thrilled, but I’m pretty sure the rest of the family had a good time as well!  I hope we’ll be able to make this an annual event (and maybe even more than that…)


The stars aligning for this day reminded me of all I have to be thankful for.  I mean, I felt pretty lucky that the weather cooperated and that lots of people showed up, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg.  I am so blessed to live in a country where men and women lay down their lives so that I can plan events like yesterday and not worry about my safety or live in fear from others.  I do get cranky with our government, but I am thankful for my country and the people who serve in the armed forces.  I have a wonderful family and home.  I have a husband who provides so much for me and our boys and pretty darn nice place to live.  I mean, who else gets her own baseball field in her backyard?!  I have amazing in-laws and extended family who are not only a hoot to hang with, but are also awfully good to us!  We are richly blessed in love and family.  Now if you don’t think I am a lucky girl, then there’s something wrong with you.


Like a bad penny, the rain showed back up again today but I gotta say the break on Monday helped my newly acquired disdain for “all things wet”  –not be as bad as it was last week.  We were able to “hit it out of the park” yesterday and that’s all I need for now!


Until next time friends!