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How I Became A Pumper’s Wife

As a little girl I dreamed someday of growing up to be a Nashville star like Barbara Mandrell.  I would sing into my hair brush while standing on the hearth of the fire place (the perfect stage in the house) and dream of the fame and stardom that would soon be mine!!

As a high schooler, I dreamed of fashion and thought maybe I could someday design homes.  But, at the same time, I loved science and everything I learned in my science classes intrigued me.  I craved more knowledge on that subject and took as many classes as I could to learn more.  Yes, yes…I was a wee bit of a science nerd.  But don’t worry, my wit and amazing personality made up for my slightly off beat nature.  SIDE NOTE: Do you know why you can’t trust an atom? It’s because they make up everything.  See what I mean? Wit AND personality.

For the first two years of college I majored in interior design…but too much time over a drawing board and not enough time with people made me change my major to education all the while still taking my science classes to fill my interest.  I graduated with a degree in education and went on to teach science for seven years…until Mr. Wonderful came along.  We had a little PeeWee and I stayed at home.  Not exactly Nashville or even the HG Network, but still suitable with this girl’s calling in life.

A while later, when PeeWee and his little brother, Junior, were a bit older, I tried my hand at research and then went  back to the science classroom.  I loved being a teacher.  I taught middle schoolers and in my opinion they are the BEST age to work with!  They are quirky… I am quirky – it’s a union that just made sense.  Plus, being a teacher meant I had the same schedule as PeeWee (now called “the Peesters”) and Junior.  Again, all areas of life that seemed perfectly reasonable and followed suit to this girl’s life.

Then a few months back Mr. Wonderful and I decided that I should quit teaching and become a full time office manager/marketing director for my husband’s septic pumping business….WAIT, did your head just spin too?  How did I go from the classroom to the poop room? Yeah, I didn’t quite see that one coming either.  (I KNOW the little girl singing on the fireplace hearth didn’t ever envision this!)

But here we are!  Me and Mr. Wonderful on a little small business journey together taking care of people’s….ahem, stuff….for a living.  I never would have dreamed this would someday be my life.  Who would have thought I would regularly have conversations like this:

Me: Do you have poop?

Possible customer: Why yes, I do!!

Me: Can I have it AND will you pay me to take it away?

Possible customer: That would be great! When can you be here?


Possible customer: I have poop, do you want it? 

Me: Absolutely, I will be right over!! Yippie!!

Okay, maybe it’s not EXACTLY like that, but you get the picture.


But, guess what?  I actually kinda like it.  Do you have ANY idea how much science is in this industry? So much!! You might call me crazy but poop science is amazing.  Plus, because of my new position of talking to customers it’s kinda like I’m teaching again, WHICH I LOVE!

So, if you’re a lover of science, a resident on septic, or an owner of any kind of liquid waste…feel free to follow along as I chronicle my new journey in life as, the Pumper’s Wife.