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I may be showing my age here, but any time I think “time to get pumped” I can’t help but lovingly think of  SNLs Hans and Franz and their motivational tag line….”We’re here to PUMP YOU UP!” So forgive my age and slightly off way of thinking…but I am here to “PUMP YOU — OUT!”

On a more serious note, the best thing you can do for septic maintenance is have your tank pumped regularly.  It’s a lot like changing the oil in your car.  The more miles, the more frequently you change the oil.  With a septic system, the more people, the more solids produced therefore, the more frequently you need to pump. 

Here’s why…

The diagram above shows what an average septic tank contains on a daily basis.  You will see sewage or wastewater comes in from the house, then liquid, sludge and scum get trapped in the tank, and finally wastewater that seeps to the laterals field.

Though you may find all these components completely gross, it’s actually important that each are there in their respective amounts.  However, what’s most important is to regularly pump it out.  This time of year is a great time to get your name on our pumping list!  We sometimes have to work around Mother Nature with her frequent rain cycles but summer and fall months are the easiest to gain access to residential septic tanks.

As stated earlier, just like you change the oil in your car to get the bad stuff out, your septic system needs the same type of care.  If the solids that collect at the bottom of the tank aren’t cleaned out from time to time, they can build up and seep out to the lateral field.  You do NOT want this for your system.  If you can think of your lateral field as being a sponge, the solids that seep out to the “sponge” can clog it up and reduce the life of your system.

It is recommended that your tank be pumped every 3 – 5 years based on activity level (i.e. number of people in the house).  Therefore, the more people who live in your home, the more frequently you need to have it pumped.  Families of four or more need to be on the 3 year side (maybe even 2 year if you entertain a lot).  If it is just you and your spouse, you could probably go every 5 years.  The main key is to remember it and make sure you do it regularly.  

Again, remember me fondly when you call….I’m here to “PUMP, YOU OUT!”

Until next week!