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Happy Thursday Folks!  It’s a cloudy day in Nebraska with a few sprinkles.  Most of the time I don’t like the rain because rain always slows our company down.  When it comes to installation work, we need the ground to work with us and wet soil does NOT do that!  However, currently in Nebraska we are experiencing such a drought that we could probably get a 4-inch rain and still not really notice it!  It is that dry.  So, I will take any rain that wants to come to Nebraska!

Why do I bring this up?

Well, unlike some businesses, ours is impacted A LOT by weather.  Just as I shared above, if it rains, we typically can’t work for 2-3 days.  We need the soil to be dry in order to dig for our installation work.  When it rains, we have to allow time for the soil to dry out, so rain (in a typical year) can give us grief.  

Today though, I want to address the winter months.  As many of you know, Nebraska can have some pretty harsh winters.  Once the temperatures start dropping that also shuts down our installation crew.  Both snow and frozen ground will not allow for us to install.  Every year is different.  There have been years when we have installed right up to Christmas and even a little past that!  Whereas other years, by the end of October we are done.  So many times, when someone calls in October wanting a septic system installed before the end of the year, it just isn’t going to happen.  Not only that, but we rarely complete all the work that comes in in a given year.  

Then, just like when Mother Nature shuts us down in the winter, she can also be fickle with when she will allow us to start back up again!  Sometimes we are digging at the end of March where other years it’s well into May before we really get going.

When it comes to any kind of outdoor construction work, so much of it comes down to planning.  The sooner we know about your project, the easier it is for us to get it worked into our dig season.  Calling at the end of the year normally won’t work unless we have an unseasonably warm and dry winter!

Hope this information helps you for your future project!!