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Learning Something New

I LOVE music.  Classical, oldie, country, or pop?  Really doesn’t matter to me.  A new song on the radio with a catchy beat is my kryptonite.   I will listen to it until I know every word and nuance.  (Don’t worry…I stick to the tune only….well usually….dance routines are purely optional.)

But what about experience based learning?

I loved teaching all 10 years I was in the classroom, but my first year there were lots of lessons I wasn’t counting on learning.  I was excited to be in the classroom and put into practice all the “stuff” 4 years of college taught me.  I don’t think I even made it past 1st hour before I realized that experience was gonna teach me a heck of a lot more than any college professor did!  My whole first year of teaching was one learning experience after another.  It was both exciting and exhausting.  I was thankful for all I learned from it, but I was also thankful that I didn’t have to repeat it again!  The rest of my “teaching years” I was able to build on my experience and knowledge.  I think you could even say I achieved a bit of “expert” status by the time I quit to be a stay at home mom.  I had routines and systems that made everything flow smoothly…but all of those systems and processes took years to perfect.

So, now here I am a full time Pumper’s Wife.  New customers.  New Computer systems.  New networks.  New processes.  New EVERYTHING.  And you know what?  It frustrates me because I know nothing but time and experience will get me what I need to know…you can’t speed that up no matter what you do.

Now here I sit in my quandary…how can I speed up my years of experience without aging myself?  (I used to just think I had to figure out how not to age….now I have to figure out that AND gain experience????  UGH…nothing like an unachievable challenge to get a girl up in the morning!!)

I ask again, how do you approach learning and gaining experience?  (Feel free to post any anti-aging advice as well…)

‘Til we meet again folks!