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So, as many of you know, I am a former middle school science teacher.  Though I took a break to be at home with my kids when they were little, I spent a total of 10 years teaching 13-14 year olds the concepts of earth and life science. Thanks to this involvement with this particular age group, in the early 2000s I knew Jack Black was in a band called Tenacious D before most adults even knew Jack Black was a comedian and an actor! I was in on the 13-14 year old “know.”  I knew all the ridiculous middle school jokes and lines from movies which were frequently quoted in class.  (Austin Power was popular so there were lots of “Oh, BEhave” and “zip-it” lines…) If I liked a particular song on the radio, my students would burn me a CD via Napster (when it was still legal…) and then during work time I would play it in class so long as they stayed quiet!  Then I left teaching for six years while my own kiddos were little.  When I came back, a FEW things had changed in my absence!  Now there was Facebook and smart phones and Instagram and texting!  I had some learning to do, but fortunately, I taught the age group perfectly equipped to do just that – teach me.  Though there were still movies, there was also YouTube….and crazy things like “What Does the Fox Say?” – something I still don’t understand, but I have viewed and at least know what the kids are singing!  And so began another wonderfully symbiotic relationship where I taught students science and they taught me technology (and then some…) so I could maintain a slightly “cool” status despite my ever increasing age.


Then I left teaching again….


Now I am in a completely adult role.  Adults are everywhere.  And I know none of their names.  I am never in a room where there is a roll call or where I can make some joke about Justin Bieber…(well at least not one where I’d get any laughs).  I am new and all the people are new.  To make it even more fun when they ask the question – that they always ask – what do I do…. I have SUCH a fun answer!  I peddle poop.  Yeup.  That’s me.  The poop girl.


In fact, just last week I was at a networking get-together where I did by chance know a person there.   (Praise God, I knew someone!!)  She was there representing her local magazine and had been to this social gathering before so she helped by introducing me to some people.  We started talking and I confessed my nervousness when she said, “I know, it can be a little nerve-wrecking, but you’ll get used to it.  Sometimes I’m still nervous at these things.”  To which I replied, “Yes, but you peddling a magazine…I’m peddling something MUCH less desirable!”  Fortunately, I got a laugh.  Maybe I will figure out how to get more adult laughs…which hopefully will lead to more adult business…particularly grease traps (if anyone who reading this cares…hint, hint…)


Despite my new world, I do believe in what I am doing.  We do peddle services to remove poop and grease and liquefied animal remains, (I know, I know… it’s gross, but that’s what we do!!)  However, the world needs people like us or we wouldn’t have a business!  We don’t like messes anymore than you do and for that very reason you should use us.  We want things clean and nice too!


So I will carry on and learn about this new adult role I am in. (Surely I can figure out how adults tick…after all, I am an adult myself, so it shouldn’t be THAT hard!)  I will do what I can to attract people who need my grease trap cleaning and other liquid waste services.  (Shameless plug…restaurant owners – please, give me a call!)  And I will continue to peddle until I can’t peddle anymore!