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NATIONAL SMART SEPTIC WEEK – Ode to the Septic Business

Bless your heart, you’ve stuck with me all week reading about septic systems and liquid waste hauling.  You should be commended (or have your head examined…but let’s stick with commended).  I will end this week of posts with a short little poem…my Ode to our Septic Business!  Enjoy!


It’s that busy time of year when the country people start to call

Wanting us to pump their tank – their liquid waste to haul

We are happy to come and pump, and pump it yes we will

But septic-tank-pumping–liquid-waste-hauling isn’t our only skill

We offer maintenance programs to keep your system in check

We don’t want your laterals to ever be an icky, nasty wreck

We will install a riser lid and a tube up to the surface

Now you can mark your tank and have a way for us to come and service

We also pump out grease traps – if you own a restaurant or a diner

We install lagoons, for you to use, complete with septic tank and liner

Septic systems – we install those too, in case your mind was wondering

But Mother Nature can give us fits when she sends gray rainy clouds a thundering

We can conduct percolation tests to check your soil’s absorption

But please note now, it must be dry or the data will show distortion

Selling your place or moving away? We can do property transfer inspections

We’ll come and look and let you know if you need any septic-code-corrections

So check us out-  try our website if you have more inquiries or questions

Give us a call, we’d love to help and possibly offer up suggestions

Who knew you could learn so much from just an interesting word collection?

Gotta love a little septic poem detailing our business service selection

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