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NATIONAL SMART SEPTIC WEEK — What do YOU Talk About Every Day?

Day three of our National Smart Septic week…I’m milking this for all it’s worth, can you tell? I gotta take what’s been given to me!

Do you remember the Late Show with David Letterman?  He used to have his TOP TEN LIST poking fun at just about anything.   Ring any bells?  It hit me the other day that I could also make a list of the “most talked about subjects” in the septic business.  I mean, who wouldn’t want to hear what I talk about all day? Am I right? (If you’re still reading, please call me so we can be friends…and maybe find other subjects to talk about…I would LOVE THAT!!)

But I digress…

If you’ll bear with me….I’ll try to be informative and also remotely entertaining as I share the TOP 5 MOST COMMON QUESTIONS THE SEPTIC LADY TAKES IN A DAY….


“I’m backed up, can you come and pump me out?”

Who doesn’t love a call like this? Ugh…No one.  I feel sorry for anyone in this situation, but unfortunately these problems do happen.  Most of the time (90%) it is due to using the wrong kind of toilet paper.  As I have written before, the cheaper/lesser ply paper is the best for your system (though all toilet paper brands claim to be septic safe but unfortunately, they just aren’t!)  It’s a bit crass, but the rule of thumb is, “the better it feels, the worse it is” for your septic!  Avoiding quilted toilet paper truly drops your chances of having a back up! I promise! (Oh, and yes we can come pump you out, though it may be later in the day before we get there!)


“Do you guys do perc tests?”

YES!  We do conduct percolation tests.  The sooner we know about the them the easier it is for us to get them worked in to our schedule.  Unfortunately, they are time consuming and sensitive to weather issues.  Have you ever watched soil absorb water? Sounds like a party, right? (Is it obvious we don’t get out much here?) Basically, that’s what the perc test does – it measures how fast water absorbs into the ground to let us know if the soil is right for a conventional septic system.  If you want us to watch water absorb for you, just let me know! “Perc-test-party-planning, at your service!”


“Do you install septic systems?”

Why, yes we do!  There is a process, and it is also something that takes time.  Working outdoors and scheduling according to Mother Nature’s mood swings is a hoot!!  (I write this ever so sarcastically…) So here again, if we can get the process going as soon as possible, the better!


“How long would I have to wait to schedule pumping my septic tank?”

Typically, we can get you scheduled within a day or so.  However, there are some weeks during the summer (and early fall) months where it might take us three to four days.  This also depends on Mother Nature and if we have to drive on your yard to gain access to the tank.  We don’t want to leave ruts or get stuck, so if it rains sometimes we have to reschedule.


“Do you guys do septic and well inspections?”

Indeed, we do!  In Lancaster County, septic and well inspections are REQUIRED at closing.  The surrounding counties suggest it, but ultimately it is up to the buyer and seller if they want inspections.  We are licensed to do both, and are usually able to conduct them within a day or two of the call coming in.

That’ MY TOP 5 list of most common calls I take in a day.  Hopefully it was informative and a quick little run down of services we offer!