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The Birthday Gift

Let’s say you’re a typical married woman with a couple of kids.  This month is your birthday…what would you say is your ideal birthday gift?

Homemade cards by the kids?

A nice piece of jewelry?

Flowers delivered to the workplace?

A nice evening out with the hubby ?

A day started with a facial and back rub, followed by a trip to Starbucks, all the while little fairies are cleaning your house, doing your laundry, mowing your yard and even cleaning your car so that upon your arrival home the only thing left for you to do is bask in moment of having NOTHING to do???? (Okay, maybe this is just my daily fantasy…)

Obviously, the ideal gift is different for everyone.  For this girl, it’s the purchase of a new pump truck.  I mean, what woman doesn’t dream of getting a 2005 Freightliner 9 Speed Vacuum truck with air ride suspension and a 2500 gallon tank with a Jurop pump set up?  No doubt your dream gift too, am I right?

If you have read my previous post, you know that the younger version of me wouldn’t have dreamed that someday she would WANT a vacuum truck as a birthday gift – but all joking aside, I am actually excited about getting the truck.  Isn’t it crazy how life changes your perspective on wants and desires?  I remember not too long ago my husband bought me a sidewalk edger for our lawn – I was in seventh heaven!! I love working in my yard and making it look just right, so, when Mr. Wonderful bought me my edger I knew the depths of his affection for me!!  Now had the 14-year-old Jaime received this same gift from her parents she would have declared abuse or even child labor violations….see what I mean? Perspective.

Back to my Freightliner….you see, we have been looking at trucks for a loooooooonnnng time.  Mr. Wonderful has shown me picture after picture of different trucks he was considering, but when he showed me the picture of the Freightliner, I knew it was the one.  As soon as he purchased it, I was on the phone to our decal lady scheduling it for its new “coloring”.  Our family will be picking it up on Friday and here is the icing on the cake…the kids don’t have school so they will get to go with us to pick it up!!!  Now seriously, does it get any better than this?  And all just about a week before my birthday.  Best. Gift. Ever.

Only difference with this gift as opposed to others is after first use it will be soiled….literally.  I know, that’s the whole point, but still….this thought saddens me just a little bit.

So let me ask you….what do you desire now, that you never dreamed you would?  Don’t we all experience this? I doubt I’m that much different than you.   I’d love for you to share!