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The GOOD, the BAD, and the COVID 19



I have tried to refrain from COVID-19 talk, but I have had people ask questions, so I am caving and addressing it.  There are many points of view on this, but no matter who you are, right now in the US, everyone is being affected by it in some way.


I’m actually surprised at how my own work week has gone.  Despite the news, my phone and workload is actually quite high.  This is the time of year people typically start calling for work again, but now that everyone is home, they are calling even more.  I would imagine, for two reasons….1) they are thinking of things that should be done while they are home and 2) they are clogging their system with all the toilet paper they have hoarded….(sorry, my attempt at humor…). There have been several back-ups this week but I’m blaming the full moon and more people staying at home giving their septic system an olympic work out!!  The phone has been ringing a lot no matter what the reason and for that I am grateful.  I’m also EXTREMELY grateful for the men we have working for us.  Our workload goes through highs and lows and they roll with the punches for us every day.  To say we are blessed is an understatement.


So, with all this COVID-19 talk, what does this mean for septic work?


Well, let me tell you folks, even before we heard of COVID 19, there was always a risk in pumping your septic tank or doing septic work for you.  I’m not sure if you’re aware of it, but no one is pooping roses.  The whole point of excreting and urinating is to rid our body of harmful things….and those harmful things all end up in your septic tank and drainfield.  Long before we ever heard of this coronavirus, septic men have dealt with potentially hazardous stuff.  So being careful about how we handle waste prior to this pandemic was always something we had to do.


Even when I went looking for information about the spread and dangers of working in our industry and how it related to the corona virus, there’s nothing much different than what’s always been out there about how to be safe with wastewater.  Below, I have written what is found on the EPA’s website in regards to COVID 19




WHO has indicated that “there is no evidence to date that COVID-19 virus has been transmitted via sewage systems, with or without wastewater treatment”



Yes, wastewater treatment plants treat viruses and other pathogens.  COVID-19 is a type of virus that is particularly susceptible to disinfection.  Standard treatment and disinfectant processes at wastewater treatment plants are expected to be effective



While decentralized wastewater treatment (i.e., septic tanks) do not disinfect, EPA expects a properly managed septic tank to treat COVID-19 the same way it safely manages other viruses often found in wastewater.  Additionally, when property installed, a septic system is located at a distance and location designed to avoid impacting a water supply well.


That information is about all we have to go on for now, and keeping in tune with the latest reports or research that will likely keep coming about this relatively “new” virus.