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TOILET PAPER and BASEBALL…this is our life

So this weekend I did something wild and crazy!!!  I mean – we are talking NUTS!


I made a video about how toilet paper breaks down in water.


Seriously…how crazy am I?


I know, slow me down!  Before you know it I’m going to be on a “toilet paper gone wild” video and be embarrassed for the rest of my life…or not.  Oh how my life (and times) have changed!  What I now consider wild and crazy – not so much!


Though I make fun of my video, I loved doing it.  First of all, it allowed me to do my own science experiment and feel a little “teacher-y” again.  Second, it was just fun!  I can’t take all the credit for this though.  My amazing nephew was really the brains behind the whole thing.  He is a techy wizard.  This precious kid drove 2 hours to come help his old aunt make a video…about toilet paper….toilet paper….could there BE a better kid on the planet?  (Did I mention he helped me make a video about  t-o-i-l-e-t p-a-p-e-r??)  Sometimes I really have to sit back and remind myself that what I consider pretty normal and part of every day life, is not so much every day life for others…who makes toilet paper videos over the weekend??


In our business we have people who get septic water backed-up into their house for any number of reasons, however the most common reason (and by common I mean 90% of the time) is due to the use of toilet paper that doesn’t break down properly.  When the toilet paper doesn’t break down, it can then cause clogs in the line or in the baffle of a septic tank.  Clog = bad stuff in the house.  No one likes this.  (Not even us).  We try to explain to people to use different toilet papers but unfortunately, there are so many different brands and manufacturers are always changing their product.  So, what USED to be a pretty good toilet paper brand to use, now isn’t.  Therefore conducting a toilet paper test at home is the BEST way to find out if you are using the fastest-breaking-down toilet paper.  If you are curious about my glorious video (as no doubt you are…who doesn’t love them a good instructional toilet paper video?) check it out here.


This weekend was not only wonderful because of all the toilet-paper-video-making but also because OUR NEW PITCHING MACHINE ARRIVED!!!!  The whole family had that sucker out of the box and outside within seconds of the UPS truck dropping it off!  What. A. Hoot!  I have decided I need to invent a pitching-machine-golf-ball-picker-upper to be sold along with it.  Hitting 50 balls is fun.  Picking them up is not.  (Ever get stuck playing 52 pick-up in cards?  Yeah, pretty much the same thing EXCEPT these balls go EVERYWHERE based on how many you hit and where you hit them!)  Still, it was a good time for all.  And the boys had their mom out mowing again.  They thought they needed a bigger area for batting and a larger outfield.  We have also begun construction on a backstop.  Seriously, if Shoeless Joe doesn’t show up, it isn’t because we didn’t try.  Oh the joys of slowly making your own backyard baseball field!!