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So, toilet paper is getting a lot of talk these days – basically, how hard it is to find and purchase!  Being a girl who tends to talk to people every day about their toilet paper choices, I thought I’d weigh in!  Our family was among those who actually DID need to purchase some TP and couldn’t find any.  I live with three males…toilet paper is a big deal in our world!  Fortunately, we did find some and we are now happily wiping without fear….for now.

Amid all these toilet paper memes and social media talk, I was asked how this might affect our business.  If you’ve been reading my posts for any amount of time, you’ll notice I do talk about toilet paper quite frequently!  Honestly, when our family was enduring a toilet paper shortage and finally able to purchase some, we were “forced” to buy the cheap off brand version of what we typically use. (By the way, we buy cheap 2 ply but still brand name).   BUT, this didn’t bother me because other than what we usually purchase, THIS TOILET PAPER, the only kind that was left, is PERFECT for septic systems!  When people call our office and ask what they should use, this is EXACTLY the kind of TP I recommend!  The cheaper the better – the lesser ply the better!  So, if you’re living on septic and find yourself in the same situation we were in – have no fear!!  Buy the cheapest stuff you can!  It’s awesome for your septic system.

Here’s why….

We need toilet paper to break down into tiny pieces the minute it touches water.  Cheap, lesser ply toilet paper does just that!  It breaks down into tiny pieces and flows easily into your tank.  Not so for the thicker quilted stuff.  That kind of toilet paper likes to cause problems for a homeowner.  It will maintain its size and shape in the line and then get caught.  When another piece of its brotherhood comes rolling down the drain it catches and stops it.  Then it does it again, and again until you have yourself a nice big toilet paper clog.  Eventually back-ups ensue, hopes and dreams are crushed, and life as we know it is ruined forever. Well, maybe not quite that bad, but it’s not fun.  And, if you’re currently practicing “social distancing” I would suggest doing what you can to also “septic distance” by using cheap toilet paper.  It’s just the better and safer choice.


Hopefully this information is helpful as you continue to live in close quarters with your family.  PLEASE do not use paper towels, wet wipes or other THICK versions of paper (or socks as suggested above…)  This will only lead to a mess in your home.  We’re dealing with enough these days and I’d love to spare anyone from a mess like this!  #AloneTogether  #CheaperIsBetter