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TOILET PAPER: What you need to know

Last week when I wrote, the sun was shining and it felt like spring.  Today (if you live in Nebraska), winter raised it’s ugly head once again and the land is covered in about an inch of snow.  So my little “spring of deception” weather prediction seems to have been accurate.  I was kind of worried it wouldn’t stick around.  No worries though…according to local weather, we should be back in the 70s by Wednesday.  

Life in the midwest….you never know what the weather will do!

Today I will take a bit of a break on weather and visit about toilet paper.  Now hopefully, we won’t have to deal with toilet paper shortages again.  But if we do, and you live on septic, grab the cheap stuff!  Leave the expensive paper for everyone else! Why do I want you grabbing the cheap stuff?  

Here’s why….

All toilet papers claim to be “septic safe.”  This can be really confusing to the “new to septic” homeowner.  I’m sure all toilet papers will eventually break down once they get to the tank, but here’s the problem – if they are thicker, 3 ply, quilted toilet paper, they struggle to make it to the tank.Why is that?

When you use cheap, single ply toilet paper, the minute it hits the water and gets even the slightest agitation, it will start breaking down into tiny pieces.  This is perfect for a septic system because tiny pieces do not get stuck in the line or in the baffle region of the tank.  Therefore, tiny pieces don’t cause clogs, which in turn don’t cause back-ups into your house.  Score for cheap toilet paper!! Woo hoo!

When you use nice, thick, 3 ply, quilted paper it behaves just the opposite.  It maintains its integrity in the line and then gets caught.  One piece of toilet paper laying in your line isn’t a huge deal, but let’s say you flush some more, and then some more.  All those pieces start catching on each other and form themselves their own little toilet paper gang.  Their initiation requirements?  To plug your line and destroy your hopes and dreams with a nasty back-up on a night when you have planned your biggest gathering of the century in your home!

Okay, maybe it’s not QUITE that dramatic, but it’s still gross and messy.