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In our family, the fall is the “most wonderful time of the year.”  After working out in the hot sun all summer, fall breezes are particularly delightful.  But, fall also comes with rifle season, campfires, and Thanksgiving – all of which are highly anticipated in this home.  You might even say we created our very own holiday with the on-set of deer season.  We take hunting very seriously….and I have the hanging heads of dead deer to prove it – much to my own home-decorating agony!! 

What a world we enjoy….pumping poop and hanging dead deer carcass! Aren’t you jealous?  

But I digress…

What do these changing seasons mean to you as a septic-living-homeowner?

Honestly, not much! 

We still continue to pump septic systems all year long.  Our only issue comes with the weather and being able to access the tank.  If you are a homeowner who lives on septic, your tank is likely in a back yard or a bit downhill away from the house — most of them are.  What this means is that when we come to pump, our truck will have to drive on something that is NOT a driveway or road to gain access to your tank.  Therefore, fall rains, winter snows, or ice make getting to the tank a little bit harder to do.  We just make sure that we note that when you call so we don’t drive to your home on a day when the ground is wet or soft.  We make sure the ground is dry or in later winter months…completely frozen (but not icy).  

All the seasons in Nebraska give us a handful of issues when it comes to Mother Nature, but typically all can be easily dealt with in some way, shape or form!  If you’re in need of a septic tank pumping, go ahead and give us a call!  (Remember, the industry standard on when to pump your tank is every 3-5 years based on activity level…i.e. how many people live in the home.  The more people who live in the house, the more frequently you need to be pumped!)