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Why Maintenance Programs? Because of all the things I’ve lost, I miss my memory the most…that’s why!

Septic tank sketch with house

Grandma used to say “my ‘forgetter’ works better than anything else I got!”  As I get older, I totally see where Grandma was coming from.  Wow…why is it so hard to remember things?

The other day I was reading an article (non-septic related – shocker, I know…) about memory loss and a recent study that found the average adult forgets three things a day.  Three things a day!!  Isn’t that crazy?  On the list of things “most forgotten” the top 5 were:

  1. Letting a cup a coffee go cold
  2. Where you put your keys
  3. What you went into a shop for
  4. Clothes in the washing machine
  5. Taking food out of the freezer

We live in a world where there are more pressures and distractions than ever before.  This does not aid in our memory loss.  So, if we struggle to remember things daily what about things we need to remember on a monthly or even yearly level?  Or even worse…every 3-5 years?  Like pumping your septic tank…

We are here for you!  We actually have a maintenance program to help you not forget!!  For a small monthly fee, we come out and check your septic system every 6 months and then pump it every 3 years so you don’t have to remember!  Again, pumping your tank is like changing the oil on your car.  You won’t notice right away that your car needs its oil changed, but the longer you go without changing it, the less efficient it runs.  Your septic system is no different.  Keeping it pumped keeps it running efficiently and increases its life.

Now if you do fine remembering when to pump your tank, you probably don’t need this service, but if you do, we can help!  That’s it for today!