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You are what you read? Really?

Do you agree with this statement?  “You are what you read.”  Prior to being a Pumper’s Wife I would have never really given this statement much thought…but now I can’t help but take it literally!!  You are what you read…if you read about fashion, you’re fashionable.  If you read about cooking, you’re a cook.  If you read about dogs you’re a…wait.  Let’s come back to this in a minute…

When I taught science, I loved to read about the latest scientific discoveries…I still do.  I kinda think once a science teacher, always a science teacher…but I digress.   The age of the internet made reading these articles so easy.  As my students’ parents got to know me better, they would find great discoveries to share with me as well.  I especially liked reading anything relating to space or the oceans.  Though I am removed from the classroom now, I still have parents (and former students) who share articles they think I might like.  I LOVED the one I got last week from a parent about the correlation between smelling farts and life expectancy.  (Read here if you’re interested in the study.) Considering the industry I am in now (and the fact that I am the only female in a house of all males), if what this article says is true, you will be reading my ramblings for a long time!! (Seriously….I am going to live forever!)  So in regards to “you are what you read” as a science teacher, this statement makes sense to me!  I read about science therefore I was scientific.

But what do I read now, you might ask?  I still like to keep up on my science stuff but now I have another information source I like to devour.  Because I am a licensed septic inspector, installer and pumper, I am blessed with the free publication called…wait for it…The Pumper.  Yes, you read that right folks.  There is a publication called The Pumper magazine.  Look it up if you don’t believe me.  It highlights other pumping businesses across the nation and gives a more personal view to our industry.  It’s the Reader’s Digest of the septic world.  There are the main articles that catch your attention, information on new environmental quality regulations, advertisements for pumps, trucks and other supplies and then personal interviews with small pumping business owners like me….you name it, it’s got it all! However, as you may have guessed, this magazine is MAINLY about liquid waste.  So, if the statement above is true…you are what you read…and what I read now is all poop related material…do you think I am making my momma proud?

This all brings me back to my original question….are you what YOU read? Talk to me people.